Moroccan Lamps

You don’t need a degree in interior designing to give your home the right lighting effect. You just need to be an exceptionally good observer. You have to understand the needs of the people around you, what they do, where they spend most of their time and what they need the light for. Whether it is a party or a regular movie in the living room with your family, you have to provide the right lighting effect to enhance the experience.

Besides this, another facet of interior lighting is that it can be effectively used to accentuate particular features of your house from corners to furniture to art work. It is this facet, which gives rise to an obvious question – Should I buy a hanging lamp or a table lamp? We will help you answer this question for your own self.

Moroccan lamps are handmade, artistic lamps, which are available in both the table and hanging variations. The unique selling point of Moroccan lamps is that they present you with infinite options considering the different sizes, shapes and patterns that they are available in.

Moroccan Table Lamps

The Moroccan Table Lamp Design makes for a wonderful asset in your house because unlike their counterparts, they project the light upwards and outwards. Most table lamps that are available in the market, project the light downward within the field of view of the lamp. This seems wasteful as the light in those areas is of little use. This is particularly true for table lamps as it is seemingly rare for you to place your book or an object right under the shade of the lamp.

The Moroccan table lamps are crafted out of goat skin, which is dyed and stretched to fit onto a frame made out of iron. This skin is then painted with henna to give it the exquisite and exclusive design that Moroccan lamps are typically known for.

In the ancient times, the art of decoration and artistic expression were referred to as Barakah, which meant ‘a blessing from God’. In the Moroccan culture of that time, the religious boundations prevented the artisans from painting human or animal faces or bodies. As a result, the designs of the Moroccan lamps are mostly geometric shapes, natural patterns, symbols and plant-like patterns.

The tribes of those times believed that these designs are evil-spirit repellents. Therefore, any house having artifacts of this design will have an aura of protection and security. If you consider the famous fish pattern, the pattern symbolizes prosperity, fertility and, of course, water. On the other hand, the salamander or lizard pattern is symbolic of a human soul who is wishes to seek light. An analysis of these patterns shows that these patterns, generally, symbolize protection, empowerment and command respect.

Moroccan Hanging Lamps

The Moroccan hanging lamps or lanterns, as they are commonly called, are made from brass or wrought iron and is embellished with glass. These lamps are a status symbol in Morocco. The Moroccan hanging lamps were lavishly used at the entrances and hallways of castles and palaces. However, in the modern day arrangement, it is a perfect piece of lighting fixture for your dining or living room if you have children. They will never be able to reach them to cause any damage to the lamp or themselves.

Nothing is classier and rich than a chandelier in the hallway. What is the first thing that you notice when you enter a high-end hotel. Most of you will agree on the answer, ‘the chandelier in the hallway’. Since the beginning of time, chandeliers spell luxury and riches. The obvious reason why it is considered a thing for the rich is because it is expensive.

If you also possess this line of thought, here is some good news for you. You can buy the Moroccan stained hanging lamps for chandeliers. They are an excellent low cost alternative to the rich chandeliers. You can place them anywhere from the outdoor deck to the living room or bedroom, and you can rest assured that they will be the most eye-catching feature of your room.

Most of the options available in this category are multi-functional, and you can use them for both indoors and outdoors. While they are capable of adding a rustic charm to your indoors on one hand, they can fulfill the lighting needs of your outdoors, in entirety, on the other.

Where and how can you use them?

Moroccan lamps can be a beautiful addition to the interiors of your place and can be used in more than one ways. In order to identify the right places for them, you must look for a place where light is required, and they are sure to set the right mood and give the right ambience to the corner. If you are still wondering and thinking on where you can use these lamps, here are a few ideas for you to think about.

The most basic of ways, when it comes to using a Moroccan lamp, is to place them on a table or any other piece of furniture. The end and desk tables are a perfect place-on for these lamps, and when arranged in this fashion, these lamps make for brilliant accent pieces.

The second way of using these lamps is to hang them down from the ceiling. This is a particularly attractive way of using these lamps. This type of arrangement has less to do with utility and is more of an addition to the aesthetic value of the place. Regardless of what your intention is, it makes for a brilliant addition to the decor of your home.

Now that we have given you two approaches, you don’t have to use them as independent rules. You can use these two approaches together by mixing table and ceiling lamps of different colors and patterns to get a pleasing and soothing effect. It not only provides a fascinating arrangement to the eye, but it also adds multi-level dimensions to the interiors of your place. It adds a high level of intensity and passion to the otherwise regular ensemble.

When working with Moroccan lamps, you must remember that these lamps cannot be used for strong lighting effects. They are meant to provide a subtle, understated lighting effect. This is an inherent characteristic of this type of lamps, which cannot be played around with. Besides this, these lamps fit only into specific themes. Although, they are pretty versatile, but there may be some decor styles that are downright antagonistic to this style of decor.

Creativity is the key to achieving uniqueness as far as a Moroccan lamp is concerned. Consider your house as a stage and you are the cinematographer. You have to light up the stage to shadow weak areas and accentuate strong areas. Use your creativity to craft a distinctive look and mood for the place.

Appropriate and adequate lighting are a primary need for us humans. If you belong to the category of people who are in love with the lamp culture for lighting homes, Moroccan table lamps and Moroccan hanging lamps are the lighting fixtures that are a perfect option for you to explore. You just need to assess the lighting needs of your place, the color scheme of the interiors, and you shall find a Moroccan lamp that will amalgamate into your ensemble just like it as always there.