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Moroccan Light

If you read through the recent magazines on interiors, you will realize that the latest in interior designing is decor, which is influenced by the different civilizations of the world. Of these styles of decor, Moroccan style decor tops the list of most sought after and popular styles in decor. Although, you cannot make a full circle transition of your home into this decor style, you can certainly add a few elements in your existing ensemble to create an exotic look.

When you talk of adding elements, the most obvious element that you can add to change the whole look of the place is the Moroccan light elements. Warmth is an inherent quality of the Moroccan light fixtures. They are capable of creating a welcoming ambiance in your home, which is subtle yet intense.

A unique quality of using the Moroccan light style is that they add distinctive dimensions to your house at different times of the day. The brass or metal of the fixture perfectly complements the glass components creating a dreamy look during the day. On the other hand, the shadows from the light fixtures craft a magical look during the night.

What are Pendant Lights?

The most popular light fixtures in the Moroccan light range are the pendant light. These fixtures are hung from the ceilings and entail several light bulbs, power capacitors to control these bulbs, transformers and electromagnetic ballasts. The bulbs used in these lighting fixtures are sodium or mercury vapor lamps.

A typical pendant light is the high density discharge fixture. The fixture is a dome shaped structure with a reflector. The fixture uses one source of light to brighten up the lamp, which is then reflected by the reflector. The reflector is made up of a highly polished metallic material. The unique selling point of these lights is its versatility. It can be used in conjunction with any style of decorating and is sure not to disappoint you.

The pendant light is a perfect lighting fixture for living room, bedroom, kitchen or the entertainment room. You can also use this fixture over the bar or pool table. Generally speaking, you can use a pendant light at any place that requires a hanging light. This Moroccan light fixture can be used as a good substitute for lamps in smaller rooms. Lamps require huge spaces to keep and is not very space sharing in nature. You just have to leave them alone and give them their space. Putting anything in close vicinity will make the room look cluttered. On the other hand, a pendant light can give the same effect without taking any space at all.

Pendant lights are available in several variations. The inverted, down light pendant emits light directly onto the ground and you can actually see the light. There is no concept of reflection in this type of pendant light. Besides this mini pendants and tiffany pendants are also available. Both these variants are crafted to perfection and are real pieces of beauty to own. For the lovers of contemporary designs, some modern types of pendants are also available. The prices of these pendants are largely dependent and vary on your choice.

What to look for in a Pendant light?

As far as Moroccan light pieces are concerned, color is the central element. The more the color, the better they are. These light fixtures have an ornamental feel to them. Therefore, they are mostly available in rich tones. You can find hues of rich poppy, turquoise blue, mustard yellow, burgundy red or azure. The rich shades can complement in lamp base or shade perfectly. The effect is phenomenal when the patterns are Morocco ikat pattern or Marrakesh pattern.

Several designs are available in the ceiling fixtures. You can specifically look for the flush mount style, which is generally available in pairing with the Moroccan star used for constructing the fixture. Besides this, another variant that is particularly popular is the one with cut outs and punches. They are intricate pieces of art and perfect for adding a bit of Morocco in your house.

Where to use Pendant Lights?

As far as the places to use are concerned, all Moroccan light elements are fairly versatile. You can place them anywhere. Regardless of how dark the corner may be, once you place a Moroccan light fixture there, the corner will suddenly become noticeable.

Taking the lead from the Moroccan decor reputation of being extremely welcoming, you can use these elements to welcome your guests at the hallway or entryway. The flush-mounting ceiling variant of pendant lights is a particularly good choice for smaller spaces as they take minimal space with no effect on its grandeur.

Pendant lights are perfect for living rooms. You can place that fixture right above the reading chair and it will serve the purpose of providing adequate light to the reader just as much as adding value to the decor of the room.

The dining area can also utilize the benefits of a pendant light, particularly its flush mounted variants, in style. These lights are good addition to eat-in kitchens where space is generally a constraint and you are unable to place the lavish chandeliers over the dining table. It adds great value to the aesthetic value of the place, making your dinners all the more pleasurable.

The element of luxury in these fixtures spells romance when they are used in the bedrooms. You can use a pendant light over a reading chair or any corner that requires light and it will serve its three-fold purpose of style, utility and minimal space requirement with ease. You can accentuate the ambiance of the bedroom by adding exotic plants, luxurious beddings and gauzy curtains to convert it into a perfect honeymoon suite.

Where can you buy pendant lights from?

Moroccan lighting is known for its luxurious and lavish nature. However, modern day living suffers from a grave limitation of space. Pendant lights are a good option for people who want to own these beautiful art pieces even if they are short on spaces. This is the reason why these light fixtures have become immensely popular recently. Considering their rising popularity, you can easily find them home decor stores, local malls and lighting stores.

As is the case with Moroccan lighting, you will be tempted towards the bright hues for the simple reason that they are beautiful. However, it is only wise to invest in fixtures that suit the needs of your space and matches the style of your home decor. Some bright hues may look extremely fascinating to you in the store because they are showcased in a matching decor. If you have a modern decor, it is advisable for you to go for light and neutral tones. Not only will they look better in your home setting, their charm will also last stronger.

Moroccan lighting is beautiful and pendant lights offer the best of Moroccan lighting in a package that will suit your arrangement. It provides you a wide range of options, in terms of shape, size and pattern. Besides this, you can also choose between brass and wrought iron for the material of the fixture. In the modern setting, pendant lights are the best way to go to incorporate the beauty of Moroccan lighting into your house.