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Moroccan Lighting

One of the most difficult and challenging aspects of any interiors project is lighting. The thing that makes the task all the more difficult is the fact that there are too many options available, and it is extremely difficult to pick a few. While, on one hand, you can use the electric lamp fixtures, which are absolutely modern and durable, you have the candle light fixture, which gives the room the subtleness it requires.

Analogously, you have a plethora of choices for every light location that you have identified. Even if you are able to make the choices, a bigger challenge awaits you. You are required to choose the right kinds of fixtures. If beauty, exclusivity and size are your three fundamental requirements, then Moroccan themed interior design is your pick.

The uniqueness of its concept and design can be attributed to the multi-cultural society of Morocco. The art, cultural and historical influences on Morocco have a significant contribution in making the Morocco style of decor what it is today. The beauty of Moroccan lighting comes from the use of vivid colors, exotic designs, unique geometric patterns and the different materials that this form of decor uses. The materials used in Moroccan lighting are sought after and unique to this form of decor.

The Beauty of Moroccan Style of Decor

Moroccan style lighting has become extremely popular in the recent past. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a villa, you can transform your regular house into a Moorish oasis. This is the beauty of Moroccan themed furniture and decor. Every piece of Moroccan origin is sure to bring with itself the soul the Morocco, the country and civilization.

The style is known for its exotic touch. The artifacts of Moroccan decor are created by skilled craftsmen using age old techniques. The work is completely handcrafted, and it takes an immense amount of handwork to create the intricate embellishments and patterns on these pieces. The most crucial facet of the Moroccan decor is the Moroccan lighting. The colorful lights forming intricate patterns on the walls and ceilings create a magical mosaic that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Moroccan Lighting Fixtures

Moroccan lighting fixtures is a massive collection of lighting fixtures, from which you can choose the elements that suit your taste and decor style. One of the unique features of Moroccan lighting is the Moroccan pendant lighting, which uses a number of pendant lights to create a mesmerizing lighting effect. Besides this, several other options like lanterns, sconces, lamps and chandeliers are also available on the menu.

You can exemplify the beauty of your hallway by putting the beautiful chandelier right at the center or using the elegant sconces in corridors or rooms for providing a dim yet effective lighting effect. The Moroccan pendant lighting is a lovely arrangement that can look equally beautiful indoors and outdoors. The table and hanging lamps are capable of giving your room an artistic look.

Elaborating on the options that are available to you, Moroccan lighting fixtures are offered in different colors, shapes and textures. One of the most popular fixtures in the Moroccan line is the henna lamps.

These lamps are made using goat skin, which is stretched to mount onto a wrought iron or brass frame. The skin is then painted with henna, to form exquisite designs. Moreover, the goat skin may also be dyed using paprika or saffron based dyes. They add a rustic look to their surroundings.

Henna pained sconces are also available and can be used as an earthy addition to the walls of your house. These artworks, which use goat skin, are the Moroccan way of recycling. They goat skin is recycled to form classy lamp shades, which are painted by henna artists. It is also their way of providing employment to women as most of the henna artists are women who work from their homes.

Another type of lamp, which is a classic Moroccan artifact, is the stained glass lamp. This lamp is embellished with carved motives and is sure to add the missing spice to your space. Moroccan lamps, also commonly referred to as Moroccan lanterns, add diversity to the corners and spaces of your house.

If you are a lover of wrought iron furniture and already have some pieces of the same adorning your spaces, the hand hammered chandeliers are an excellent buy for you. The amount of warmth and welcoming feel that Moroccan chandeliers add to a space cannot be described in words. You will have to get it to believe it.

You can create the magic of a Moorish oasis right within the spaces of your home with the help of these accent pieces. If you have the right furniture, Moroccan lighting will prove miraculous. An ottoman pouf with a low coffee table is sure to gain popularity as the most comfortable resting place amongst the members of your house. The only limitation as far Moroccan decor is concerned is your budget and creativity.

Some Tips for You

Creativity and playing around with the lights are the secrets of getting the perfect Moroccan look. Try to use different wattages of lights to change the effect of the lighting fixture. You can use candles and bulbs interchangeably depending upon the size of the space and the effect you desire to get.

The use of lower wattage bulbs is recommended for henna wall sconces and lamps. This is primarily because the beauty of the henna pattern will be suppressed by high wattage bulbs. Besides this, depending upon the light effect desired, you can also use colored bulbs.

Although, Moroccan lighting fixtures are low maintenance, you will need to take some care to ensure that they last with you for a long time. Remember to lubricate the hinges of fixtures that have doors once in a while to keep them functional

The henna on the henna lamps and sconces will fall off in time. Do not worry about keeping it there. It is designed to fall off leaving a red pattern of the design.

The Moroccan outdoor lighting fixtures may require occasional spraying of sealant to avoid rusting of the metal. You can either spray the whole fixture, including the glass components, or do it meticulously enough to cover only the metal parts. If you spray all over, your fixture will appear old. Regardless of the spraying technique you decide to use, ensure that all the hinges are well lubricated.

A common doubt, while using these fixtures, is whether to use candles or bulbs for lighting. Although, candles will give a beautiful effect giving dim light to small spaces, it poses some potential hazards. If the base of the fixture is not flat, the candle may fall and cause its surroundings to catch fire. Therefore, be very careful with candles. On the other hand, most of these fixtures do not come with a wiring system. Therefore, if you wish to use bulbs, you will have to go to the local hardware shop and get a wiring system installed on the fixture.

All said and done, nothing can shadow the fact that Moroccan furniture and decor are simply beautiful and phenomenally attention-grabbing. Moroccan style lighting has grown to become the most popular decor concepts in recent times.