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Moroccan Sconces

The lighting in your house has much more to do than just showing you the way. It plays an instrumental role in creating an atmosphere and ambience of positivity. Both, excessive light and dim lights are capable of tarnishing the overall decor of your home interiors. This is particularly true for rainy or winter days when dim lights can make you feel depressed as you need more light to function.

Moroccan wall sconces are a popular light feature, which is known for its brilliant lighting effect. They direct the light in the upward direction. Therefore, the light will not blind you. Besides this, the fact that they are conveniently placed on the wall distances them from the children of the house and prevents a probable fire hazard.

The word ?sconce? has French and Latin origins meaning ?an object that is protected or covered?. The ancient form of sconces was a variant of candlestick holders, which were used for lighting the corridors of castles and palaces. However, you don?t have to own a castle to use Moroccan wall sconces. The modern version of these lighting fixtures is as powerful as any lamp considering the fact that the conventional candles have been replaced by bulbs and lights.

Where can you use a Moroccan Wall Sconce?

There are several places in your house where you can use the modern version of Moroccan wall sconces. One of the best places to put a Moroccan sconce is the bathroom, right above the wall mirror. Bathroom is one of the places where no one likes to have strong lights. You will certainly not want a light fixture that will magnify the blemishes and dark spots on your face. You must be able to see them only when you want to see them. Therefore, as a generalization, most people prefer a softer, sultrier form of light in restrooms.

Conventionally, a Moroccan sconce was used to light the corridors, and there is no reason why you cannot use these magnificent fixtures in a similar arrangement. However, the modern day homes rarely have large corridors, the same have been replaced by hallways. A noteworthy point here is that when using Moroccan sconces in the hallway, you will be required to use an array of them to produce an intense light effect. A single sconce cannot produce enough light to brighten the entire hallway. The best feature of the sconce lighting is the welcoming glow that it provides.

Sconces are commonly available in wrought iron finish and the rustic look of the material makes it an ideal choice for outdoor lighting. These fixtures have a middle age torch look, which is capable of converting a normal outdoor arrangement into a traditional, artistic ensemble. Use the stained glass sconce or luminous red henna sconce to add fire to your backyard party.

Perhaps, the best way that you can use a Moroccan sconce is to use it for a specific purpose or to highlight an object. For instance, sconces placed in the bedroom provide just enough light to help you read your favourite novel or you can place it, near the kitchen sink, to ensure that you get adequate light for washing dishes. Besides this, you can place it above the ultimate piece of art in your living room, and it is sure to add glamour to its beauty. This is exactly why and how sconces are used in museums and art galleries.

If you like antique features and wish to add something to your house that can give it an old world charm and immeasurable elegance, Moroccan sconces are the things you have been looking for. You can put a pair of sconces on either side of the bed, wall mirror or the massive wall clock in your living room. These fixtures elegantly merge, into their surrounding, to give a smooth and soothing light effect. An array of four to six of these in the entrance hallway will give a welcoming light effect to your house.

Besides this, they are just as useful for outdoors as they are for indoors. They can be particularly useful for lighting the front door. The exotic forms of these wall fixtures are available in brass and make for a visual treat. The ruby glass shades of these beautiful sconces add a soft and pleasant lighting effect for your dining rooms making your dining experience all the more beautiful. The color of the globe or shade can be changed depending on your taste and the type of effect you wish to give to your rooms.

How are Moroccan Sconces different?

Authenticity and uniqueness are the key features of any Moroccan Sconce design that you can pick up. These sconces are not bulk-made in factories. In fact, they are handmade by skilled craftsmen, which gives every part of a set a piece of the Moroccan culture.

In order to fit this traditional fixture in the modernity of our homes, they have been stylishly carved into several shapes and dimensions. They are available in hexagonal, triangular, circular, curvy and diamond shaped pieces. The tribes of the North African Berber believe that the different shapes of sconces are symbolic and repel evil spirits. Therefore, they create an aura of security and protection in the house. Although, the truth behind this myth cannot be confirmed, what can be confirmed is that a sconce complemented with a piece of art is a head turning combination and is sure to attract the attention of anyone who passes by.

Another noticeable feature of the Moroccan Wall Sconces is the fact that you will find them in several colors. They are stained and dyed in blues, yellows, reds and several eye catching shades. The Moroccan culture uses color to add distinctiveness to its features and individuality to its designs considering the religiously mixed society that it has. Regardless, of the color scheme of your interiors, you are sure to find a complementing Moroccan sconce for it, which will not only match your interiors, but also will be an extension of your own personality.

How to choose an appropriate Wall Sconce?

Choosing the right wall sconce for your home decor requires the knowledge of the different types of wall sconces that are available to you in this genre. Different people have different perceptions about how sconces should be used to accentuate the interiors of a room and home, in general. However, the two things that are most commonly considered are the color and material of the sconce. With materials like brass and metal being used, the choice of a sconce largely depends on personal taste and purpose of use.

Besides this, it is necessary to survey and have a look at all the options available before you zero down on one sconce. Every sconce speaks of a different tradition and era. Despite the comparatively smaller dimensions of these fixtures, their ability to transform the look of the interiors speaks volumes about their power and effect. If your furnishings and furniture are the attire of your home, sconces are the accessories. They have a rich and ornamental feel to them.

Like all accessories, you will find them beautiful and breathtaking when you sight them in a store, but they will be able to show their true magic only when they complement the attire of your place. This can be a typically challenging task. Although, the whole activity of finding the right Moroccan wall sconce for your place may be tiring, the final look of your home will make the running around seem worth all the effort.